Russia and a Two Party System: Is it in the works?

One of my favorite articles that is posted every week is on Russian Profile. They have a panel of experts from around the world (Canada and USA today) that give opinions on an interesting question and usually that question is most likely in the Russian peoples mind. That makes it a legit proposition to answer…

Russia Profile Weekly Experts Panel: Are Medvedev and Putin Forming a Two Party System in Russia?

Introduced by Vladimir Frolov
Russia Profile
Last month, three Russian think tanks that claim to advise President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, the two presumed presidential candidates in 2012, issued separate reports warning that Russia’s highly-centralized and uncompetitive political system has become a major obstacle to further economic progress, and that without sweeping political reform, the country faces possible breakdown or even popular revolt on a par with the early 1990s. Should both Putin and Medvedev run in a competitive presidential election in 2012? Should they present two competing visions for the country’s future?

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