The Art Of Toasting Bread?


I was drinking my morning cup of coffee & thinking about how much my wife loves toast! She never had toast until we met.

One day we were at the department store & I saw a toaster. She allowed me to buy it, Then I got to teach my Wife the art to fixing toast. From the first piece of golden brown toast with butter and jam on it, she fell in love! (Her favorite topping is cheese)

“Toast is sliced bread which has been browned by exposure to dry heat. Toasting warms the bread, making it more pleasant to eat for some, and makes it crisp such that it holds toppings more securely. Toasting is also a common method of making stale bread palatable. Toast is often served with butter,cheese,marmalade,or any number of other toppings. Toast is a typical breakfast food.”

Strange about what we take for granted when we grow up. I never thought that anyone in the world would not eat toast all the time for breakfast.

I see that once again that narrow minded American in me, keeps trying to look at the world from one view point!

That is why I love Russia!


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