Russia: Big Feet & Broke Hard Drive!

Yes this is a real hard drive!


We have been having a rough time with our new pictures from the trip. Last Friday, I was getting ready to remove them from the external drive to the main hard drive, then burn them to Cd’s.

Then My big feet caught the USB line to the external hard drive and threw the drive to the floor. Needless to say it has not worked since I performed that amazing feat! (no pun intended)

Seems that I have crashed the arm thingy in the drive against the discs. We have an appointment with a man who works at IBM and has much knowledge about people with Big Feet and Delicate Hard Drives. 🙂

This really upset me tremendously and I have posted very few articles since it happened. (but I will wake up and post again)

We hope that we can get our pictures off this drive, we took something like 30 gigs of pictures on the trip. Lots of videos included.

Wednesday (tomorrow) we hope that we see some of our pictures.

Kyle & Svet

comments always welcome.

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