Russia Can Steal Your Heart and Never Let Go!

Darrell and Dennis


We wrote about a father and son who came to Russia a month ago. Denis has left a comment on Windows to Russia and gives out what his heart says about Russia. We are reprinting this comment because it tells from inside Dennis how he feels about Russia!

Lets read what Dennis wrote:

After returning home to the USA from Russia a few weeks ago, I can honestly say my feelings never changed about Russia. I have visited Russia four times since 2003, and each time I return to USA, I become more and more homesick for Russia. I suffer from withdrawal symptoms being away from Russia. I often go into depression for many weeks or months. The sudden change from Russian life to American life is very brutal to me physically and mentally. People in America often told me that I would experience culture shock when I arrived in Russia. The truth is simply the opposite!!! The real culture shock is coming back to America to the fast pace of life. In America it seems money, competition, and greed are the only things American people worry about. Americans are constantly worried about the kind of car they drive, the size of their house, where their children shall go attend college, and the size of their yearly income. I never felt this attitude or stiff competition in Russia. People in Russia don’t worry from day to day about what they don’t have, they simply live life!!! Each time I come to Russia, I pack only 2 bags of belongings, and I have every thing I could possibly need!!! I saw ordinary Russia people everyday who have very little and suddenly all the things I have accumulated in America doesn’t seem that important to me anymore. I definitely know I could add an additional 20 years to my life if I would simply walk away from this stressful life in American!!! Russia is in my blood and I hope your readers do not think I am crazy!!! I left my heart and soul in Russia!!!

Link to comment: russia-come-to-russia-you-may-not-want.html#comment-16934169

Thank you Dennis and we do not think that Dennis is crazy and if you do, then I (Kyle) am also crazy. I do know that I have added years to my life and I feel the same way that Dennis does…

We want Dennis and his son to know that they are welcome anytime!

Anyone else interested in coming to Russia drop me an email…

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