Russia: Can we get Some Real Western news Coverage?


Russia wake up! Western media just like its counterpart the Eastern media has been lying so long that they are experts. The Iraq War is a perfect example of this!
“We want television screens in the West to be showing not only Russian tanks and saying Russia is at war in South Ossetia and with Georgia, but also to be showing the suffering of the Ossetian people, the murdered elderly people and children, the destroyed towns of South Ossetia, and [regional capital] Tskhinvali. This would be an objective way of presenting the material,” Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin told a RIA Novosti news conference. (Link)
So forget the front page coverage of truth in Western (USA) Media. The Government controls the media!

By the way to clarify something: I consider Western media to be from the USA side of the world. The media that is from Europe has a different tone to it, than the far West media. So when I say East and West media I use the Atlantic Ocean as a dividing line. Remember Russia is considered part of Europe…… (well some times!)

Kyle & Svet

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