Russia: Doctors and Health Care!


I was thinking and was not, having my cup of coffee (Grumble). I was at the doctors getting blood tests run. I was thinking about what health care costs me in Russia.

For 10,000 Rubles or 400 dollars, I get one years worth of health care. This includes, my Cardiologist, my regular Doctor, my Dentist, my Neurologist, and any lab work or any tests. (My Cardiologist in America Charged 500 dollars just to say “hi” too me.)

The health care that I am receiving is second to none in the USA. A little known fact to America is that in Russia, the Women are the Doctors not the Men. Another little known fact is that the Medical standards are very high in Russia.

I had to make a decision a year ago, as to which health care that I would purchase in Russia. I had a choice, I could sign up for an American Health Care unit in Moscow for 10,000 dollars (250,000 Rubles). Or I could pick a Russian health care service.

I picked, (after my Wife explained all services that all of them offered to me), one that cost 10,000 Rubles (400 dollars). I have never been sorry!

I am their, “American patient”. That means, most likely the only American patient they have ever had and probably ever will have. They even like me. 🙂

My Wife asked me, “Are we going to sign up again for the same insurance”?

I thought for a couple of seconds, I thought about how nice the staff has treated me. I thought about the Doctors that have always cared. I thought about how much better I feel under their care. I thought about the 400 dollars that I pay. I thought about the fact that these ladies are not Doctors, because they want to get rich! They are Doctors, because they want to help people get well! My answer:

“Yes”, I said.


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