Russia: Elections Are The Most Progressive In Europe!


Like we reported the Russian elections were given a clean bill of health and even though they may not have been too exciting! They cost much less than the 3/4 of a Billion Dollars that the American elections have spent so far! The people are happy, government is happy & Putin is happy! (Not sure if Medvedev is happy yet)

Russia’s presidential elections were held in line with international standards, Bolat Nurgaliyev, Secretary General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the leader of its observer mission, told a press conference in Moscow today, adding that the election had been free and fair. Nurgaliyev noted that 19 observers from the mission had monitored the elections from February 21 until March 2. The observers visited 96 polling stations of Moscow and the Moscow region on Sunday. They also visited seven polling stations during the vote counting and did not register any violations.

No observer mission has questioned the results of the Russian presidential vote, Russia’s election chief Vladimir Churov told a press conference today. He noted that, “according to the assessment by reputable legal scholars,” the Russian election law is one of the most progressive in Europe. Churov said that the Central Election Commission of Russia had received several comments and recommendations from monitors, and added that his agency would pay particular attention to these, but would probably not be able to follow all the recommendations, as some of them related to the organization of debates, and a number of observers had proposed changes to legislation in this aspect.

Paul Marie Couteaux, head of the European Parliament’s observer mission in Russia, believes that foreign media sources have a rather biased opinion about presidential election in Russia. He made this statement in Moscow today, adding that most foreign correspondents are trying to promote the idea of mistrust for the election. Couteaux also noted that most foreign media companies in Western Europe are owned by large financial corporations and act in their interests. However, he indicated that the general public understood that Russia and Western European countries were partners and disregarded those statements by media companies trying to compromise Russia.

Lets see anyone in America get 70% of the popular vote….

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