Russia: Few Simple Facts About Saakashvily!


Few simple facts:

1. During the last few years Georgia was constantly increasing military budget (source of income – western investments)

2. With the only exception of military sector the whole Georgian economy is ruined, unemployment and poverty are all over the place in Georgia.

3. Russia isn’t innocent (same as any other big country) but Saakashvily keeps provoking Russia in the whole course of his government. In Ossetia – Georgia did attack first. They bombed Tskhinvali and killed civilians.

(For the Gods sake what kind of reaction did they expect from Russia?)

4. It is obvious that under no circumstances Georgia can win a war against Russia.

5. However Saakashvilli starts this war and almost immediately asks for a help. I saw his interview on CNN. Being a populist he is appealing to the most common American stereotypes like democracy and freedom saying nothing about particular (and real) facts. I must admit – he does understand the power of mass-media and he is doing everything to prove himself an innocent victim. But the facts will come up and these facts are very simple – he killed civilians and sent his own people to death.

6. Fact – He is a liar and war criminal.

7. He wants USA to get involved into the conflict. Military involved. Which will most probably mean a transnational conflict, merely a 3rd World War. What would you call a man who does the things like that? Either a megalomaniac or clinical idiot…

Kyle & Svet

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