Russia: Freedom!

On my second cup of coffee today, don’t tell my wife, I was thinking about freedom. The perception difference that countries have on freedom.

The USA says, freedom of press, freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, the Constitution protects freedom, these are just a few of the thinking’s of Americans. The American feels that they are free, I felt that I was free when I lived in America. It is what I grew up with. It is what I fought for. It is what I believed. It is what I still believe! It is what works for America. The American has a lifelong set of rules that tell him what freedom is.

Russia has a different look at freedom, The Russian is really free. The Russian does not have a set of rules in his mind that defines freedom. They pretty much do what they want when they want. The mind of a Russian dislikes the rules and regulations that is pressed on them by society. This dislike extends all the way to the top of the Russian Federation. (I have noticed that Russia does not like the world telling them that they should follow these rules, to get these results.)

My Wife tries to explain to me what is freedom for Russians. Everyday that goes by I understand it a little more. We as people set what is freedom!

In America you know what makes you feel free, you know that you are free. You have a defined set of rules that tell you that you are free.

In Russia they have freedom, because they break the rules that say: “You are free!”

Post by Kyle Keeton
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