Russia: Georgia Panicked over its Own Tanks.


Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili declared Georgia’s victory over Russia during a mass rally in Tbilisi yesterday. This was just hours after he panicked the city and lied about Russians invading Tbilisi and Gori! With a mass evacuation happening because of his foolery!

But in Georgia, people’s moods improved as they learned that Russia’s troops were not close to Tbilisi, moreover, they even hadn’t entered Gori.

This information was reported by Georgia’s all military bodies on Monday night, which caused quite a panic in the capital: people hurried to leave the city, and you could see long queues in the shops – everyone wanted to buy bread and other foodstuffs. Later it was found out that the mess was a result of the Georgian military men’s mistake: they took a column of their own trucks, tanks and armored troop-carriers, which were evacuated from Gori, for Russian machines. (Link)

You see the fact is: You have been told that Russia destroyed Gori with tanks and ground forces. You have been told and shown pictures of South Ossetia’s destruction played off as pictures of Gori destruction. By the way Gori is the spot that Georgia launched the Grad Missiles from, that struck the Ossetians while they where sleeping. That is why Russia did air raids on the area around Gori because it was a Military stronghold of Georgia.

I want you to see a video of the Great Saakashvili in one of his finest roles as an actor playing a President….

“Saakashvili heard the noise of Russian airplane and trying to escape under bodies of bodyguards. When the noise is gone, bodyguards tells journalists to stop shooting and go away. Saakashvili is very scared, he is running away for his life.)

What more can be said….

Kyle & Svet

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