Russia’s Government Wants Shareholders Contribute on an Equal Footing!

A big issue in the news in Russia is Renault – a car company that has a 25% stake in AvtoVaz. Needs to share 25% in the needed capital to keep AvtoVaz afloat. Renault already has received €3 billion in its state support to keep its head above water. But now Putin has said, What percent you own is what percent you must give. In Renault’s case this is 25% of needed capital…

Putin said:“I’d very much like to see all shareholders (of AvtoVaz) contribute on an equal footing. All of them can be assured that the Russian government will do everything it can to uphold the interests of all shareholders.”

This means that if Renault wants to keep its 25% share of AvtoVaz then it needs to cough up 25% of the needed restructuring money. If not then risk loosing part of that 25%.

The Western press is slamming Putin and Russia over this thinking, but I really think it is correct to think this way. If you own 25% of a company then you need to help 25% of what is needed. (Not just take 25% of the profits during good times…)

Does anyone stop and think about the fact that so many car companies have crashed and burned in the economic crises? I think it is because a car really is not necessary to buy new every year…

I have not purchased a new car for 25 years and will most likely never again! (I buy used)

What about you? What do you think?

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