Russia: A Hard Core Drug Problem is in Russia!

Windows to Russia!
Not all news is that wonderful from Russia! I have watched a problem develop in Russia. This is a problem that I watched develop in America also… (remember needles washing up on the ocean shores?)

Drugs of all types – Now the big problem is “heroin”!

Russia says it has become the world’s biggest consumer of heroin.

The head of Russia’s anti-narcotics service, Victor Ivanov, said that seizures of Afghan heroin were up 70%. (Link)

You want Proof? Lets take a walk down our stairs in our building:

They keep the needles cradled in the hand rails. No one bothers them.
They leave the needles on the window sills!
They try to hide them on top of the lights!
They just leave them where they used them!

These are just the pictures of the needles, I chose not to show everything. Seems our kids have learned enough in this world with out someone showing them what to use to cook the heroin with.

These needles are located on 9 out of the 16 floors in our building. On the first floor they run a very substantial business of drugs. I have seen pot being the biggest seller, but about a year ago I saw an increase in crack and then the signs of heroin started to appear in the stairway.

I learned all I know from the huge drug problem that Americans have. I was an employer of huge numbers of people in my time. Now I see that Russia has a huge drug problem also.


Kyle & Svet

Now as I walk the dog today we pick up the needles so that kids do not get aids or hepatitis or many other diseases.

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