Russia has the Capabilities for Protection – Economic, Political and Military!


NATO seems to want to stir up the Russian Bear some more. Could that be because NATO is strictly a USA mouth piece?

Washington called an emergency meeting of the 26 NATO foreign ministers to review ties with Moscow and discuss help to Georgia. U.S. envoy to NATO Kurt Volker told Reuters on Saturday no specific response had yet been decided, but regular meetings of foreign and defense ministers, and of NATO ambassadors with their Russian counterpart would be part of the review. The results of the meeting Saturday seemed pretty inconclusive and may point to a rift between Old NATO & New NATO!

Russia (Medvedev) made a response: “If anyone thinks they can get away with killing our citizens and officers, we will not allow this,” Dmitry Medvedev said. “Anyone who tries to do something of the kind will receive a powerful response, and Russia has the capabilities for this – economic, political and military.”

“The act of aggression on the part of Georgia’s authorities is unprecedented, it goes beyond understanding, when a country whose army has been equipped by another country uses its armed forces against civilians, against peacekeepers,” the Russian president said.

“We have always been a peace-loving nation. The Russian, Soviet state has never started a war. But even the most peace-loving state should have an effective army,” Medvedev said.

Now: Everyone needs to stop hitting the Bear with sticks! The Russian Bear has woke up, would it not be better if we let her mellow out, instead of smacking her with threats?

Kyle & Svet