Russia: Her Drivers!

I was drinking my morning cup of coffee and I was thinking of the other day about how mad I got at another driver. The Russian driver is like the American driver, they only care if they get where they are going and will they run over you in the process.

Traffic Awareness in Russia...

In America Road Rage is well known, there have been many shootings on the roads of America over dumb and stupid happenings.

In Russia the same thing happens: The Russian driver will come up behind you and ride on the tail of your car. Then he will honk, flash his lights and even drive into oncoming traffic to pass you. They endanger all around them. The other day I was traveling 100 km per hour in a 60 km per hour zone. I was going at the pace of traffic. Then behind me appears a SUV that wants to go 200km per hour. (mind you we are speeding anyway) He flashes his lights, he honks his horn and he tries to pass me on both sides of the road.

The traffic that is coming at us is swerving to miss him and a wreck could happen. I accelerate to 130 km and he gets enough room to pass on my right. Now as he passes, he gives me the famous middle finger.(yes they use it in Russia also)

When I was raised, If you use that finger, you better be able to back it up! At this point I was going to stomp a Russian Butt.

But….., His car was much faster than mine. :((

Now my wife is calmly talking on her cell phone and not getting excited about anything.

That is when I realized how stupid I was being to go to his level. With me having had 6 heart attacks and such, does not seem like I was too smart.

So I have made up my mind that, Russian drivers are as stupid as American drivers!

To expound farther, In Russia they have what is called blue lights. A car with these Blue Lights has the right away to go any speed and break all laws. The cops never pull over a Blue Light.

So It looks like that in Moscow there are a lot of Blue Light wannabes, They just do not have the Blue Light.

Reminds me of the Blue Light special at K-Mart!

Just my two Rubles worth!

Here is an article by Moscow Times:

“”Driver Shot In the Hip After Tirade:

A shouting match over who had the right-of-way ended with one driver shooting the other in the hip in southern Moscow, police said Tuesday.

The 36-year-old injured driver told police that he was driving his Toyota Land Cruiser on Khavskaya Ulitsa on Monday evening when a Lada sedan tried to cross the street in front of him. The cars stopped bumper to bumper, and neither would give way to the other, a city police spokesman said.

The two drivers started throwing insults, and the Lada driver finally shot the other driver in the hip and fled, the spokesman said.

The injured driver, who was not identified, was hospitalized with a gunshot to the left hip. Police heard his account after being alerted that a patient had been admitted with a gun wound.

Police are looking for the Lada driver, who could face four to seven years in prison if convicted on charges of armed hooliganism.

The police spokesman said the attack was the first registered incident of road rage this year.

A minor traffic accident on Volochayevskaya Ulitsa in October resulted in manslaughter. An argument between a male and female driver over the fender bender ended with the man pushing the woman into the busy street, only to see her get killed by a passing truck. In August 2005, a driver jumped from his car and fatally beat a truck driver after the truck driver repeatedly tried to pass his car on Volgogradsky Prospekt. In March 2005, a man died and another was injured in a shooting following a car crash on a bridge across the Bittsa River, 25 kilometers south of Moscow.””(The Moscow Times)


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