Russia: “The House Of Fairy Tales!”


We were drinking our morning cup of coffee & tea and thinking about the Moscow “House of Fairy Tales!”

It is a children’s museum {“The House of Fairy-tales “Zhili-Byli” (“Once upon a time”) works in Moscow since 1995.} The House of Fairy-tales has two branches: The Russian Fairy-tales museum and The Pinokkio Museum.

The Russian Fairy-tales is an interactive museum where children can learn a lot of interesting things about Russian folk-tales and about the tale writers, about historical roots of fairy-tales and so on. The main goal while creating this museum was to tell children through the fairy-tale about Russian national traditions and customs, to remind them of national roots, of the importance of reading books. In The Museum the children meet fairy-tale characters who take them on a journey through a Russian fairy-tale. Kids put on theater costumes and turn themselves into fairy-tale characters too. There are more than 20 different programs devoted to the Russian, ancient and temporal fairy -tales. There are special programs for disable children: blind, weak sighted, deaf . The museum collection consists of age-old utensils, clothes, furniture, books, pictures, puppets. The collection numbers over 400 items . Practically all objects are available for touching and manipulating. .

The Pinokkio Museum concentrates on the fairytales written by people from different (other) cultures and also local writers, which includes the works of Gianni Radarim, Carlo Kollodi and Alexei Tolstoy. Here visitors will find ten different programs that also allow children to dress up and role play, singing, dancing and discovering the more than three hundred items in the museum’s collection. Over and above guided tours and creative learning sessions, the museum often invites writers and artists to be guests of the museum, as well as arranging festivals for children.

No matter which branch the children and their parents visit, they are guaranteed to find magic, fun, exploration, culture and education at the “House of Fairy tales”.

Svet just adores Fairy Tales!

We think we want to go……

Kyle & Svet

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