Russia Human Rights!

LONDON, February 22. /TASS/. Non-governmental organization Amnesty International once again criticized the human rights situation in Russia. The published annual report with an analysis of the human rights situation in 159 countries, Amnesty International talked about the amendments to the anti-extremism legislation of the Russian Federation, which according to the organization contradicts the international law. The organization also mentioned restrictions on rights to freedom of expression, non-profit organizations, penalties against human rights activists, violations in the North Caucasus.


Want a Fact Jack?

As an American living deep in the heart of Russia and living day to day with Russians; Russians have a many times more Human Rights than you do in the west!

I can’t make it up, I live it and talk it and walk it everyday. The Russians are freer, they have more liberty and they have a whole bunch less governmental interference than you do in the western world…

It would take a hundred pages of paper to write down how good the Russians have it in comparison. I know, I live it…

The only repression, regression and suppression I see. Is the Western Empire trying to belittle, destroy, politicize and propagandize the truth about Russia…

Amnesty International :

Amnesty International’s Funding

Finding financial information on Amnesty International’s website is made purposefully difficult – specifically to protect the myth that the organization is “independent.” Like any organized criminal operation, Amnesty separates compromising financial ties through a series of legal maneuvers and shell organizations. Upon Amnesty’s website it states:

“The work carried out through Amnesty International’s International Secretariat is organised into two legal entities, in compliance with United Kingdom law.  These are Amnesty International Limited (“AIL”) and Amnesty International Charity Limited (“AICL”). Amnesty International Limited undertakes charitable activities on behalf of Amnesty International Charity Limited, a registered charity.”

And it is there, at Amnesty International Limited, where ties to both governments and corporate-financier interests are kept. On page 11 of Amnesty International Limited’s 2011 Report and Financial Statement (.pdf) it states (emphasis added):

“The Directors are pleased to acknowledge the support of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Oak Foundation, Open Society Georgia Foundation, the Vanguard Charitable Endowment Programme, Mauro Tunes and American Jewish World Service. The UK Department for International Development (Governance and Transparency Fund) continued to fund a four year human rights education project in Africa. The European Commission (EuropeAid) generously awarded a multi-year grant towards Amnesty International’s human rights education work in Europe.”

Clearly then, Amnesty does take money from both governments and corporate-financier interests.

That is how free you are and or are not free you are!

Yet you lick up the propaganda like a puppy with a bowl of milk. And believe that everything in Russia is a Human Rights issue, all the while “you” have serious human rights staring you in the face…

I used to blame my problems on other people. But my moment of clarity, if you want to call it that, came when I was looking in the mirror one day and just burst into tears. It wasn’t just that I looked bad, it was that I knew my problem was me. – Tom Sizemore

Look in that mirror and see what is up! You do not have to like what you see, as long as you see the truth…


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