Russia: I Am Watching The Dollar Sink, One kopek at a time!


I have watched the Dollar slide downhill slowly but steadily! This effect was not very apparent when I lived in the USA, but living outside of the USA, I see how the Dollar decline is conjunctively with all currencies……
Dollar down 13.88 kopeks, euro up 16.91 kopeks – Central Bank

27/03/2008 13:48 MOSCOW, March 27 (RIA Novosti) – The official dollar rate set by the Russian Central Bank from March 28 is 23.5171 rubles, down 13.88 kopeks from Thursday, the Central Bank said.

The official euro rate for Friday is 37.0794 rubles, up 16.91 kopeks from Thursday.
The dropping of the dollar adds up ……

Something my Grandmother(who lived through the Depression) said to me several times in my life when I was young.

Grandma said. “Never pass a penny laying on the ground.” She said. “Pick it up & save it for a rainy day.” She also said, “One day the Government will not have any pennies left & you will need those that you find!”

I have found thousands upon thousands of pennies, (now I find kopeks) They really do add up.

Look around you as you walk…….

Kyle & Svet

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