Russia: I do not Want To Hear, "I did not know!"


EU, NATO, UN, America, USA, Europe, Western World: Listen up and remember this!

In this part of the world Ukraine has decided to irritate Russia about the Black Sea Fleet….

Ukraine demands Russia to give 72 hour notice on Black Sea Fleet movements. Ukraine passed a bill announcing that Russia must……. “restrict Russian warships at the leased military base at the Black Sea port of Sevastopol, saying the vessels` movements were subject to Ukrainian approval.” (Bad move Ukraine)

Ukraine to increase rent for Russian Fleet by up to 25 times. From January 1, 2009, the Ukrainian leadership is planning to up the rent for the Crimean territories where Russia’s Black Sea Fleet is stationed…… (Can some say, Stupid move?)

Why would Ukraine do this?

My only thought is that they want to loose the Crimea……

In Moscow, coverage of Georgia has so far drowned out the rumblings in Ukraine, but some Muscovites are clear where they stand…

“No one in my circle —and they’re rather well educated— would say the Crimea is Ukrainian territory.”

I will attest to that, Russians feel that the Crimea is Russia and you will see that Crimea thinks it is Russian. That was the first issue that I got to experience in Ukraine at Border crossings, When you cross into the Crimea you cross into another world. My wife automatically says: “Yes, Crimea is Russian” as the thought any other way is non existent…

So when Ukraine gets itself into hot water over trying to play games with the Russian Black Sea Fleet don’t sit in front of your TV and say: “I did not know that!” as you are told lies about Russia is aggressively acting and started this, blah, blah, blah!

For the Fact is: Ukraine started the game of: Russian Black Sea Fleet will do as we say or else… (This is not a game with Gas & Corporate issues, this is a game over Military issues and Russia will never accept that.)

So when the world turns upside down again and Ukraine is crying about Bad Evil Russia: Remember that Ukraine kept poking the Bear over Russia’s Black Sea Fleet…

Posted by Kyle Keeton
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