Russia: Information Tidbit – Stalin Voted 3rd Greatest Russian!

Hello,Windows to Russia!

Just a tidbit of info for this cold Monday.

A poll held by a TV station (Rossiya) was done to find the greatest Russian of all time.

Alexander Nevsky who fought off Swedish and Germanic invasions to preserve medieval Russia, came in first in the poll!

In second place was reformist Prime Minister Pyotr Stolypin, who was assassinated in 1911.

Then Joseph Stalin came third, remembered for his winning of the Second World War instead of the many murders committed under his reign.

50 million people voted by phone, the Internet or via text messages in the poll held by Rossiya, one of Russia’s biggest television stations. The voting took place over six months as 500 original candidates were whittled down to a final 12.

It seems that Stalin was winning at one point for several months and the producer of the TV station asked people to vote for someone else?

Just another tidbit of information about Russia….

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