Russia: Is Not With Out Reprisals!

Originally posted 2008-08-25 15:55:00.

Seems Russia has a few slaps back in the American face that may hurt….

1. Moscow may respond at the UN Security Council, where it can put obstacles on the way of US intentions to punish Iran for its nuclear ambition.

2. All anti-terrorist programs, the struggle against drug mafia, Syria, Venezuela and Hamas can be added on the list too.

3. Russians may stop their cooperation with the USA, with the cooperation in the energy industry.

4. The USA needs to obtain Russia’s help in the endeavor to make Iran and North Korea shut down their nuclear programs.

5. Russia started the shipments of first components of its very effective S-300 missile system to Iran. Russia is in the deals now with India for missiles to arm India’s new submarines. Russia is also working on Arms deals with Syria, Jordon and Venezuela on arms deals.

6. Russia may complicate USA’s and NATO’s supply of the coalition in Afghanistan In April, Moscow gave France and Germany a right to transit non-combatant cargoes via Russia.

7. Russia is capable of blocking any sanctions at the UN Security Council.

8. Moscow can also pull out from a number of treaties, including the one signed with the USA about the liquidation of short and smaller range missiles after the expiry of START-1 Treaty in 2009.

9. The USA would hardly prefer Moscow disposing of its dollar assets. Moscow has already started the actions to sell Russian crude for rubles, which would obviously affect long-term dollar positions.

10. Can you think of any more?

Kyle & Svet

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