Russia: The Israel Trip 1


The first day in Israel was a mixture of emotions. First off we were so tired that we had to sleep for about 13 hours. It was that stressful fighting with the airports. To make a long trip short, we flew from Moscow Russia to Zürich Switzerland. Ran (literally) across one of the biggest airports we have ever seen. Then caught our transfer with about 1 min. extra, to Tel Aviv, Israel. Then found a taxi and made it to home for the next few days.

After sleeping forever: We went to the Russian Consulate in Israel and started the visa dance that is so much fun in this world. That is enough stress that you want to scream.

After being told about (the and what) thousands of things that we have to get together for the next visit tomorrow, we went to eat some delicious Israeli food. Yummy!

Then we took a walk and Svet went swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. Svet had a blast!

Palm Trees Everywhere!
One thing first noticed is every pole has a bike chained to it!
Not every bike is safe though!
The water was warm and the breeze is cool and gentle.
The beach is lined with every big name Hotel on Earth!
Beach is better than looking at Hotels! 🙂
Found some neat art work at a culture building on our walk! See the fake shadows on the building!

So the first day was interesting and tomorrow we have to go dance the visa waltz again!

Everyone have a good day and we will post again soon….

Kyle & Svet

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