Russia: The Kremlin Smiled at Obama’s Snubs to England!

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I was drinking my morning cup of coffee and thinking about the visit that Gordon Brown just made to America. There is nothing I like better than when the Russian press wakes up and catches a story about Europe being slighted by America. In this case the treatment of Gordon Brown by Obama Incorporated.

This link will take you to an article that explains the snubs or oops things that Obama did. (Link) The original version in all its glory! (Link)

Seems that Obama has snubbed the Prime Minister Gordon Brown from England and Russia has taken it to town. (So to speak.) The snubs were issues of common courtesy or etiquette and even a backwoods redneck like me knows better than the actions that became predominate at the meeting between Brown and Obama.

A quote from a Russian news source: “It is unfortunate, the Obama administration was sleepwalking through Brown’s visit. Hopefully, this is not a sign of things to come.”

Good Job Obama – You have definitely started Changing things.

Now I would suggest getting a book on Russian etiquette because other cultures have expectations from you. Whether you visit or have a visitor you must know the correct things to do and say.

Here have a link to 17 articles on Culture awareness from an expert in the field.

Lets hope that you have better sense when meeting Medvedev…

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PS: The American press finally started to print some articles about the snubs. A day late and a dollar short. They let the British press in the Oval Office and they all got eye and ear full of the happenings. It was said 40 reporters in all squeezed into the Oval Office. They also say that the DVD’s are a bad gift because as Obama should have known (homework) is that Gordon Brown has very bad eyesight.