Russia: Lets Beat The Financial Crises With Mushrooms!

Hello,Windows to Russia!

I was drinking my morning cup of coffee and thinking about the financial crises. Then came across this information on how a governor is trying to motivate people to help the region.

It seems that the Sverdlovsk Region in Russia’s Urals has got a plan to beat the financial crises. Eduard Rossel the Governor of the Region has called on residents to pick mushrooms and berries to get through the financial crisis.

Eduard Rossel said, “One businessman picked 180 tons of mushrooms, processed them and sold them abroad.” Then he said, “We can gather mushrooms and feed ourselves and others.”

Eduard Rossel also brought up the status of unemployment relief. He made it clear that people who have not worked for five or 10 years. Now are swelling the numbers of work less people. They have shown up after getting by for years with out and now line up deep at the employment bureaus. They are being given government assistance that they never had before and have no incentive to get a job now. Rossel said that the average monthly wage in regional villages was 8,000 rubles ($228), and the unemployment relief 4,900 rubles ($140).

“That’s why they go to get unemployment payments, and also sell (products from private gardens) to earn extra money,” Eduard Rossel said.

He is correct in that – most people have made a living for years in Russia selling anything and everything on the roadside.It is also very common in Russia to see people selling home-grown produce by the roadside or on the fringes of regular markets.

Interesting, pick mushrooms and save the day!

Kyle & Svet

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