Russia: Looks Like Tblisi Airport is in Good Shape!

‘Bombed’ Tblisi airport welcomes foreign ministers:
Pictures broadcast all over the world on Sunday show Georgian officials greeting French and Finnish foreign ministers arriving at Tbilisi International airport. The images showed no sign of damage to the building or its airstrips. Earlier, Georgia claimed Russian planes bombed the capital’s airport.

In another development, the Georgian government has backtracked on an earlier accusation that Russian planes bombed two military bases near Tblisi overnight. A new statement from the Ministry of Internal Affairs says that bombs were dropped on uninhabited areas.

Russia insists its airforce has only attacked military targets. (Link)

Bet CNN does not print this either. All Western media is now at the Bad Russia, poor Georgia stage and seem to be stuck in that mode.

Now be watching for Ukraine to be flapping their mouths and waving their arms. Ukraine loves the Western world as much as Georgia……. (Next up poor Ukraine)

Kyle & Svet