Russia: Lots Of Smoke!


Big Fire could be seen from our Balcony. I couldn’t get the camera out in time to get the flames but it sure made lots of black smoke. This fire was about 5 km away…..

MOSCOW, May 17 (RIA Novosti) – A fire has broken out at an electric substation in south-east Moscow, but the transformer involved was not connected to the power grid and the work of the substation will not be affected, said a representative of the Federal Grid Company.

“Repair work is taking place at the substation, during which new equipment is being tested. A new transformer, not connected to the power grid, was being tested and a fire broke out. This will not affect the work of the substation itself,” said Olga Kindyashova.

The alarm concerning a fire on the territory of the substation was raised at 5:20 p.m. Moscow time (13:20 GMT).

There are no reports of injuries.

Firefighters are at the scene. The fire has been classed as a level ‘two’, with the maximum being five.

It smelled the whole are up..(Yuck!)

Kyle & Svet

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