Russia: Medvedev Lets a Protestor Speak out!

Dmitry Medvedev
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Originally posted 2008-12-12 16:53:00.

This tidbit of news just appeared over the wire. I have included it so that all those Anti – Russian people will have something different to look at instead of the kill all reporters stories.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev was interrupted by a protestor during his speech at the Kremlin to mark the fifteenth anniversary of the country’s constitution.

In his speech, Medvedev repeated his commitment to safeguarding basic human rights and freedoms and defended the decision to extend the presidential term from four years to six.

As Medvedev was speaking, a man began shouting his opposition to the recent extension of presidential and parliamentary terms.

Security officers started to bundled the man away but the president intervened, “No, no… Let the man stay and listen… The constitution has been adopted so that everyone has the right to express his own stance. It is a stance. And it can be respected.”

It was later discovered that the protestor was Roman Dobrokhotov, a journalist from the ‘Chastny Korrespondent’ internet portal. According to some reports, he is one of the founders of ‘My’ (“Us”), a youth opposition movement. (Link)

I have seen this happen a lot more lately and it really seems that Medvedev wants to hear the good and bad from the people.

I also think that Medvedev is smart enough to realize that a journalist like Roman Dobrokhotov intentionally creates a issue so that he gets hauled off to jail. Then he can whine and cry about human rights violations.

Other words he is trouble with a capital T and Medvedev handled him correctly!

The ending of the story is that Roman Dobrokhotov never would calm down and ended up taking a ride to the police station. So that he would have time to think about his plans for telling the world how his human rights have been violated! As par for the course he got out of jail and cried about his rights and violations…

I have watched for two years in Moscow and this man is a hate monger. He spoke downtown Moscow once and after listening to his mouth for 30 seconds you knew that he was a capital T!

Kyle & Svet

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