Russia: Moscow Has the Neatest Painted Utility Buildings!


While Svet was walking around Moscow she happened upon these buildings with some great art work on them. We like to take pictures of this type of art work because it is always of high quality. Here is a link to some more Pictures. (WOW : Moscow Utility Buildings!)

This is a utility building for electricity of steam heat.
My favorite: Because of the Bear! (Growl)
The whole picture of the row animals!
Another strange animal we found and took home: Named Boza!
Now Svet found a Garage building with prehistoric dinosaurs!
Beautiful and well done!
Cool! They are great!

That is all for now!

There will be more pictures as soon. For a photo albumn of pictures from Russia just follow this link to our: Russian Photo Blog!

You will not be sorry.

Kyle & Svet

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