Russia: New Stock Market Predictions!


In Russia the old system of stock predictions has proven to be fatal (literally)! The old system that relied upon humans has become out of date and inaccurate. So a new system with higher accuracy was needed to predict the stock market more accurately.

Do you recall the earlier months of this year when in Russia, respected analysts and brokerage houses were eyeing an end of year level for the RTS (Russian Trading System) of 3000?

Finans Magazine does, and with the RTS currently nudging 700 it thought it needed to look at another way of getting stock market guidance and has turned to a female monkey from the Durov animal circus.

It coaxed the young monkey into choosing 8 publicly listed company from a group of 30 with independent observers present to ensure that there was no pressure on the monkey from any organizer to choose one stock or another. The monkey chose these companies in Russia: Polyus Gold, Rosneft, Lukoil, Avtovaz, Gazprom-Neft, Surgutneftegaz, Sberbank, Uralsvyazinform.

Finans Magazine intends to set up a portfolio matching the monkey’s selection, and monitor it throughout 2009 to see how it compares with the other professionals in Russia and their advice. (Link)

The Monkey’s Portfolio:

1. Avtovaz
2. GazpromNeft
3. Lukoil
4. Polyus Gold
5. Rosneft
6. Sberbank
7. Surgutneftegaz
8. Uralsvyazinform

For those of you who are looking for good picks on the stock market in Russia, this could prove to be a Godsend!

Kyle & Svet

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PS: Maybe the world needs to get themselves monkeys to predict Wall-Street?