Russia: Only -90.4 Fahrenheit- Thats all!

Red area is Super Duper cold!


I was drinking my hot wonderful cup of coffee and reading about the temperature warnings coming out for Siberia in Russia.

The weather meteorological service said that temperatures in the Northeast Siberian Republic of Yakutia in Russia could plummet to minus 68 degrees Celsius (-90.4 Fahrenheit) this week!

“In the next few days we expect a cold spell in the towns of Verkhoyansk and Oymyakon, Russia with weather likely to drop to minus 64-68 degrees Celsius (minus 83.2-90.4 Fahrenheit),” a weather spokesman said.

In the town of Oymyakon, dubbed the North Pole of cold, or the place where the lowest-ever temperature in the Northern hemisphere has been recorded, temperatures fell to -60 degrees Celsius (-76 Fahrenheit) overnight.

In the town of Verkhoyansk, located some 600 km (372 miles) from Oymyakon, and also noted for its exceptionally cold winters, the temperatures hit -55 degrees Celsius (-67 Fahrenheit) on Sunday night.

More freezing weather, as well as fog and blizzards are expected in Yakutia this week, the spokesman said adding that the extremely cold weather was due to an influx of a cold polar air mass.

Could you imagine? They think that they have a warm spell when the temperature is in the -40 degrees. 🙂


Kyle & Svet

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PS: we here in Moscow, Russia are only looking at -12 degrees.