Russia: Open Source Software?

Russia is combating software piracy in its schools by choosing to go completely: Linux over Microsoft Windows.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketSince Russia is entering the World Trade Organization they no longer can ignore software piracy. The Country has chosen to go completely open source. (Due to cost of legalizing all school software.)

I’m sure other countries want to see how this works out for Russia. They are starting with the Russian education System. Then if successful will move on to the rest of the Government.

“One possible decision was to buy licenses for all the software being used: but so much software was being used, it proved too expensive… so the decision was taken to use free software, although not immediately, but over three years.” bbc)

This great news for Russia and I really think that they will pull it off. We use nothing but open source at home. It is the wave of the future! Once Russia accomplishes it, Then China will be next!

Now you know why the Penguin is dancing!


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