Russia: The Rail Yard Just Another Path To Home!


This is not a surprise to me, The story is sad but a real part of life in Russia!

My wife & I have stood at train stations and overpasses, looking at the train tracks. As we watch the trains come & go, we see people crossing the tracks. I ask why do they all seem to put them selves in danger? Why do they cross under trains instead of going around them? Why cross here?

My wife just says that it is much faster…… She says that they live across the tracks and they take the shortest route! That all makes sense to me, except I value my life more than crawling under a rail car that could move at any moment.

Seven-year-old girl loses legs in train tragedy in south Russia

24/03/2008 12:57 ROSTOV-ON-DON, March 24 (RIA Novosti) – A seven-year-old girl lost both legs when a rail car hit her as she crawled over the tracks in Taganrog in southern Russia, the regional railway press service said on Monday.

The accident occurred Friday when the girl’s mother, decided to take a short cut under a stationary wagon rather than walk round the train. As the mother and daughter crawled under the train, it started moving crushing the girl’s legs.

The girl was rushed to hospital where doctors fought to save her life.

The mother sustained slight injuries in the tragedy.

So the Mother had only a slight injury, whereas the daughter lost both legs……..

Kyle & Svet

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