Russia ready to disengage liquefied gas for Japan…

Russia is ready to increase its gas deliveries to Europe by 6 billion cubic meters for 100 days in order to disengage volumes of liquefied gas for quake-stricken Japan, Russian Prime Minister Putin said on Saturday.

“Right now, Gazprom is ready to increase the gas deliveries to Europe by 60 million cubic meters per day, which corresponds to about 40 tons of liquefied gas. The liquefied gas disengaged by the move will be sent to Japan,” Putin said at an energy meeting in Russia’s Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

“Only actions coordinated with our European action would allow the move,” he added.

A powerful earthquake hit Japan on March 11. A fresh tremor measuring 6.1 jolted eastern Japan on Saturday. Over 7,000 people were killed in the disaster.