Russia: Rules For The British Football Fans!


Just saw this about rules for the Champions League in Moscow!
UK fans warned against Moscow antics

Ahead of the all-English final of the football Champions League in Moscow on May 21, Britain’s Foreign Office has published a set of guidelines for the 40,000 fans flocking to Moscow.

The guidelines show Chelsea and Man United supporters how to behave in a foreign country and draw a picture of a dangerous environment.

“Don’t smoke or drink in Red Square – it’s illegal and you will be arrested! Don’t commit acts of theft – the local authorities will lock you up rather than deport or fine you. Do not do drugs during your visit – the Russian authorities have zero tolerance towards drugs, both hard and soft. Penalties are severe and can result in long-term jail sentences,” say the guidelines.

They forgot one rule:

Do not bring Ammunition for your hunting friends…….

Kyle & Svet

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