Russia Says, Having the Potential For Nuclear Weapons is not Prohibited by the NNPT Treaty…

How do you like that title?

That title is on the same article that the world is spreading all over the place. At least the Western world

I guess Medvedev needs to watch what he says and use easier to understand words for the Western press. They seem to only be able to understand a few of his words out of all the words that he says. So they plaster the airwaves with, How Medvedev agrees with America now. Here is some of what Medvedev said:

The Islamic Republic “Is getting closer to possessing the potential that in principle can be used to create a nuclear weapon.” Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has said. (potential and principle are the key words)
Medvedev also noted that having such potentials is not prohibited by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. (That is my title :))

Medvedev also  has reiterated the stance that Moscow has long been pursuing: That Sanctions hardly ever lead to positive results. But, he went on, there is a point in imposing sanctions and that is sending “a signal which stimulates the negotiating process.” (What they are not for is to destroy the people?)

So “We should now be patient and resume the dialogue with Tehran as soon as possible. That is, we believe, the key goal of the new UN Security Council resolution on Iran.” the Russian president said. (Different goal than what America has!)

If diplomacy misses a chance for resuming talks with the Islamic Republic, “it would be a common failure of the entire international community.” Medvedev stressed. (Other words get off your warmonger asses and help get Iran to the discussion table!)

Meanwhile, “Iran is not acting in the best way.” the Russian leader noted. Moscow is constantly calling on Tehran to show openness and cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). He noted that the so-called Group of Six international intermediaries has an even bigger responsibility to get Iran back to the negotiation table. (Once again even though Iran is being stupid at times that gives us no excuse to let the ball drop!)

But I do not see any change of his stance incorporated in what he says. I do see that Medvedev has come out from thinking and he was just slapped in the face again by the West…

So while you look at your Big News Headlines and see that, Russia Agrees With America! Remember that there is multi-angles to everything and it is up to you as an individual to get to the real truth and the start is to quit look at the Big Press as all-knowing…

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