Russia: Sochi Olympics!

Russia has 30 months to prepare for Olympics Russia does not have that much time left to build Olympic facilities in Sochi. The games are more than four years away, but Russia has only 30 months to complete construction.

Jean-Claude Killy, President of the IOC Coordination Commission for the 2014 Winter Games, said slightly over 4 years remained before the beginning of testing procedures, which are a mandatory part of preparations for the Olympic Games. Excluding winter months, when construction in mountains is impossible, only 30 months remain, Killy said.

Addressing officials responsible for the preparations for the 2014 Olympic Games, he said this was not much time to build all Olympic facilities Russia was going to build in Sochi. At the same time, he noted that much had already been done, including passing of an Olympic bill and finding highly qualified personnel. Killy said Russia had laid the grounds for the project, and expressed hope that work would continue at the same pace until 2014. He said Russia had all the resources to ensure holding the Olympic Games in Sochi at the top level. Average levels of organization would be impermissible, Killy said, adding the 2014 event should be the greatest Olympic Games ever held.

Presenting Sochi’s bid in Guatemala, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave guarantees that the necessary tourist and sporting infrastructure would be in place by 2014, Killy said, adding that the International Olympic Committee did not doubt Russia’s ability to fulfill its obligations.

He expressed hope that Russian organizers would be able to pay attention to every detail, offering “ideal services.” In his opinion, Russian authorities offered the International Olympic Committee such elements as a strong political will and effective public/private partnership.

Over 2,500 sportsmen from all over the world will come to Sochi to take part in the games, as well as 200,000 volunteers, 34,000 security officers and 10,000 reporters. Some 1 million tickets are expected to be sold for the event, and over 3 billion people will watch the games on TV.


I can not wait, I am going to the Olympics! {I hope} 🙂


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