Russia: South Ossetia has Desire for Being Annexed!

Seems Georgia has issues with Autonomous Republics!


So Georgia keeps killing people in the breakaway republic of South Ossetia: “It was reported on Friday evening that three people had been killed as Georgian troops continued to shell its capital, Tskhinvali.” Georgia has also: “declared a sniper war on the Republic of South Ossetia and made another attempt to unleash a large scale war,” It was also said. “The republic has so far refrained from retaliatory moves, but will not do so any more.” South Ossetia is bound and determined to be annexed by Russia and Georgia is playing the bully….. (Link)

South Ossetia has again reiterated the desire to become a part of Russia, Eduard Kokoity, who is the president of this unrecognized and breakaway province of Georgia, made the respective statement Wednesday.
“This is our responsibility to Russia and we should execute it with honor no matter how hard and tough it would be, no matter how hard and tough we have been beaten in Beslan and Tskhinvali. They beat us exactly to weaken the standing of Russia,” Kokoity announced during the news conference in Vladikavkaz.

The president emphasized that the ties of South Ossetia with North Caucasus republics of Russia have strengthened recently. “Just take a look how many representatives of these republics have recently visited South Ossetia and Abkhazia, how many calls we are receiving when the situation aggravates. Our brothers are ready to bring forward detachments of volunteers,” Kokoity said.

But South Ossetia will count on its own forces in case of the critical situation, the president promised.

South Ossetia was Georgia’s autonomy in time of the Soviet Union. But Georgia’s First President Zviad Gamsakhurdia cancelled the autonomy and attempted to resolve the problem by force. The armed conflict lasted till summer of 1992, stripping Georgia off control over a portion of South Ossetia.

South Ossetia has been seeking independence ever since but Georgia is ready to offer only the autonomy status.(Link)

Russia’s Foreign Ministry called on Saturday upon Georgia and its breakaway region of South Ossetia to show restraint and search for ways to settle the conflict without violence.

South Ossetia has not yet mobilized its population following border incidents allegedly provoked by Georgia but put its armed forces on high alert, the interior minister said on Saturday.

Georgia and Ukraine are country’s that the USA is illegally playing with. “Bush and Rasputin Dick Cheney have broken a 1991 pledge made by President Bush Senior to Soviet chairman Michael Gorbachev. In exchange for Gorby’s not using the Red Army to crush spreading revolts in East Germany and across the dying Soviet Union, Washington agreed not to advance NATO eastward toward Russia or into the old USSR. Gorbachev’s courageous, humane concession averted a crisis that could have led to a nuclear war.

Gorbachev kept his side of the bargain, allowing the Soviet Union to implode. But the US, sneering at Boris Yeltsin’s bankrupt, demoralized post-imperial Russia, quickly reneged and began advancing NATO ever closer to Russia’s borders. Washington is currently mucking around in Georgia and Ukraine, both parts of Russia’s back yard and considered seriously off limits to the western powers.

Small wonder Bush’s foolish ABM system so outrages the Russians who have every right to moral outrage and being angry as hornets. Bush’s paranoia and obsession with Iran is causing him to risk provoking a military clash with Russia. He is fast pushing Russia’s new President Dimitri Medvedev and PM Vlad Putin to the wall.

John McCain is cheering Bush on. He recently called for Russia to be expelled from the G8 and vowed that if elected president, he would “confront” Russia.” (Link)

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