Russia: Summer at 60 degrees Fahrenheit!

Lake in Northern Moscow: Svet & her Mother walk this lake a lot!


I was drinking my morning cup of coffee & thinking about the weather here. It is now June 10th and we have 50 – 60 degree F. days and almost freezing nights. In fact a few days ago they had a frost warning & the trees are now just fully leafed out.

Right now at 2:00pm it is 13 degrees C. (translate into 55.4 degrees F.)

This is strange for me being from the Midwest America, where the temperature right now is running 90 degrees F. It will get warmer here but not much. We do not have air conditioning & I have a fan for days that do get a little warm. Our car does not have air conditioning & in fact if we had it, we would never use it.

The reason I thought of this is we have a friend in America named Bill & he just sent me an e-mail that expressed how hot it was. I smiled when I read: “The temperature is 95 degrees F. here! ” Now another friend of ours Clark from “Clark’s Picks!” just let me know that in Maryland it is 100 degrees F! (It is now at 4:00pm, 56 degrees F. in Moscow!) :))

Just thought I would let you know a little more about Moscow, Russia!

Kyle & Svet

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