Russia: Svet’s Happy Birthday Boat Ride!


Svet and I went on a wonderful boat ride for her birthday. (Sat. 19th,2008) We spent three fantastic hours on the Moscow River.

The boat was a large river sightseeing vessel. It had a full bar, inside dance hall, outside seats and food. The trip cost about 600 rubles ($24) each.

Svet and I had just gotten out of seeing the Chinese Circus in Moscow. We looked around at the river and realized that there was tours of the river going on. We purchased tickets and off we went. (just click pictures to enlarge)

Thunderstorm while we floated the river!

Another Stalin Style Building and Monastery!

As you can see we went through the heart of Moscow. Moscow is a very beautiful city and it was hard to pick from the pictures that we took. We took almost three hundred pictures.

In the right photo above (window) is a picture of some of the Chinese that were in the Chinese Circus! (We saw them from the boat)

Amusement Park!

Fast Boat and River Cleaner!

We ate Pig-N-Blankets, blueberry pies and took hundreds of pictures. Svet said it was her best Birthday.

It was fun….

Kyle & Svet

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