Russia, They Shop Till They Drop!

Hello, (repost)

I was drinking my morning cup of coffee and was thinking about Russians and Shopping!

Last night my Wife and I went to the local Walmart type store in Moscow. Ашан: pronounced Auchong, for Americans.

My wife took pictures with her new camera that we just bought her. (no one is safe any more) They are good pictures. It shows how Moscow, Russia people look. It shows the typical cigarette ads that are everywhere. It shows the volume of people that you find everywhere. It shows the two of the most favorite eating out places. It also shows the largest retail dealer in Russia.

That mass of humanity extends all the way to the back of the store. I know because we just left there.

Now I will not say we, because my Wife is petite in structure and she is Russian! So, she evades the attacking Babushkas with no problem. Not me, I am a big bear and ill trained at cart fighting. I was hit by no less than 100 shopping carts, I was pushed out of the way by the same 100 Babushkas. I also, made the mistake of venturing off alone and was trapped for 10 minutes by a wall of carts and Ladies speeding faster than a Nascar race on the street outside. I was not safe and I did not have my Wife to protect me. :))

I did an article months ago. Link: Babushkas!

A shopping trip to Aшан, is an experience you will never forget. I know that it is my favorite store and have fun when we go, beside I always get to eat at McDonald’s or Kentucky Fried Chicken, inside the mall. Yummy!


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