Russia: Blue Trolley Ride!

Many years ago, Sveta made her first video almost all by herself and I think it is good. She says the song is about a Blue Trolley! So she took a video of her trolley ride home, put her favorite song with it and here is what she got in return. This was many years ago, but as good now as then…



When I’m in trouble and totally done
and when all my hope I abandon
I get on the blue trolley bus on the run,
the last one, at random.

Night trolley, roll on sliding down the street,
around the boulevards keep moving
to pick up all those who are wrecked and in need
of rescue from ruin.

Night trolley bus will you please open your doors !
On wretched cold nights, I can instance,
your sailors would come, as a matter of course,
to give help.

So many a time they have lent me a hand
to help me get out of grievance…
Imagine, there is so much kindness behind
this silence and stillness.

Last trolley rolls round the greenery belt
and Moscow, like river, dies down…
the hammering blood in my temples I felt calms down,
calms down.

* * * * * * * * * *

Moscow is full of Blue Trolleys…

I am reviving some more lost posts that I have found and will do so for several more over the next few weeks. We were hit very hard by hackers and internet attacks, done by the U.S. government and it has taken years to get even a small part of the lost data back. This is a treasure that we are pleased to get back online properly. Original was done in 2008…

I like the sepia effect that she gave the video, makes it look old! It is some of that old soul that I keep talking about in Russia, that deep soul from under all the superficial issues and things of life…

I am going to listen to the song! I like it….

Posted by Kyle Keeton
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