Russia: Ukraine Does Have Issues – Yulia wants to boot Viktor!


I have been posting articles about one of my favorite countries, Ukraine. Link Link Link. Ukraine has had major issues come up in the last few months. Ranging from misappropriated funds to involvement in the Georgia war. The investigations are not looking good for the President of Ukraine. The bottom line is that Ukraine seems to be flat broke due to some mishandling of the Government assets by the President. It seems that by the end of December 2008 all Government employees will not be paid, the country is $105 billion dollars in the hole. (Ouch)

The President just had a online poll and question session. The questions that became the most popular had much to do with, when is President Yushchenko leaving so that Ukraine can become a better place.

Ukraine is a fantastic country that deserves much better than what it has become. The desires of a President that was implanted by the USA during the Rose Revolution has taken its toll on a beautiful country and Ukraine people need real leadership.

Kyle & Svet

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