Russia: Vodka Pipeline to Estonia!


Smugglers can be the smartest dumb people on earth, they seem to know no bounds or limitations of how to make money. A Russian / Estonia crime ring of 11 people have been arrested and charged with pumping vodka from Russia into the Estonia – through an underwater pipeline.

Prosecutors in Russia and Estonia say they’ve uncovered an extraordinary crime. The accused include both Estonian and Russian citizens who were apparently on to a nice money making proposition. Smuggling Vodka into Estonia, Once Estonia joined the EU, the price of vodka has risen by almost 30 per cent and created conditions for bootlegging.

It’s claimed the gang pumped at least 6.2 thousand liters (1638 gallons) of vodka from Russia to Estonia through a 2km (1.25 miles) long homemade pipe.

The smuggling ring was uncovered after a truck with a thousand liters of illegal vodka was found in Tallinn, according to police, the smugglers tried to sell the booze in the Estonian capital. But the low quality of the drink made it difficult to find a buyer.

I think that it would be easier just to make the vodka in Estonia…..

Kyle & Svet

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