Russia: World Pancake Eating Record!


I love pancakes but I think that I would never eat as many as this guy did:

Last Week:

A St. Petersburger man has set a new Guinness Book Of World Record for eating pancakes.

Andrei Smirnov at age 33, ate 73 pancakes in 60 minutes, at the village of Lakhta, 20 kilometers west of St. Petersburg during traditional Maslenitsa or Shrovetide festivities.

The competition was open to everyone, Igor Kirsanov, one of the organizers of the event, told Metro daily, but all the participants were men.

The total weight of the pancakes Andrei consumed was more than 5 lbs or 2 kilos.

The senior judge of the Russian committee for the registration of world records witnessed the record-breaking Pancake consumption.

The majority of pancake records in the Guinness Book of Records today don’t belong to Russia, in the U.S. they lift pancakes like weights, In India set a record with the biggest pancake & In England they run a race with as many pancakes that they can carry! The organizers said,”It was about time Russia, the home of blini, had a pancake record of its own.” The organizer also said, “A Russian saying, says that the number of pancakes one eats during Shrovetide will equal the number of happy days one will have during the year.”

The competition, held in a local restaurant, lasted for an hour. Organizers cooked 1,000 pancakes weighing 20 kilograms in all.

Participants were allowed to wash down the pancakes with tea or mors, a traditional berry drink.

Maslenitsa ended Sunday with Orthodox lent beginning on Monday.

Pancake time is over now Lent is here!

Kyle & Svet

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