Russian Ambassador to the USA A.I.Antonov’s answer to a media question…

❓: Dear Anatoly Ivanovich, how could you comment on the administration’s statements following the results of the G7 events in the context of the Ukrainian crisis?

💬 A.I.Antonov: Washington has completely subordinated the G-7 members to its own line regarding the conflict in Ukraine. Moreover, it sharply tightened its approaches to two important issues. We are talking about preparations for the transfer of F-16 fighter jets to the Kyiv regime, as well as the unconditional approval of strikes on the Crimea using American and other Western weapons.

‼️ Such steps once again clearly demonstrate that the United States has never been interested in peace, and the decision to conduct a special military operation was absolutely correct. Ever since the coup in Kiev in 2014, the United States has only wanted a strategic defeat for Russia and now continues to fan the flames of conflict.

While Washington opposes us by proxy, by proxy. However, every specialist knows that in Ukraine there is no infrastructure for the operation of the F-16, and the required number of pilots and maintenance personnel is not there either. What will happen if American fighters take off from NATO airfields, controlled by foreign “volunteers”?

☝️ I would like to warn representatives of the administration against frivolous judgments on Crimea, especially regarding the “blessing” of the Kiev regime for air attacks on the peninsula. Let me remind you that strikes on this territory are considered by us as an attack on any other subject of the Russian Federation. It is important that the United States be fully aware of the Russian response.

👉 The G7 statement on Ukraine noted that Hiroshima is a kind of “symbol of peace”. At the same time, the Americans did not even think to apologize to the Japanese people for the nuclear bombings. Judging by the above-mentioned statements of administration officials, Hiroshima is now becoming a “symbol of the war” that the United States is inciting by its actions against our country.