Russian: Cars and Trucks!


I was drinking my morning cup of coffee and I thought maybe you would like to see Russian made cars and trucks.

Not what you would see in the USA. These were, home grown and they still make them today in Russia, like they made them yesterday in the USSR.

1st picture: Russian pickup truck.
2nd picture: Russian compact car. (Lada)
3rd picture: Russian van. (4X4)
4th picture: Russian Volga. (big car)

These are just some of the ones made. They are not the most modern looking cars. You will not see them running down the freeway in America. But they last on the byways of Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and any other country that is lucky enough to have them.

My favorite is the Volga and picture #4 is our Volga. We have many trips planned for her and China is one of those places that this Volga will travel.


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