Russian Defence Minister congratulates servicemen and veterans on Victory Day…

General of the Army Sergei Shoigu stressed that this historic date is a reminder of the price paid by the world for freedom and independence, and a warning to new generations not to repeat the fatal mistakes of the past.

4 May 2023, No. 250

▫️ Comrades soldiers and sailors, sergeants, non-commissioned officers, and commissioned officers!

▫️ Dear veterans!

▫️ Today, on 9 May, Russia celebrates a national holiday, the Victory Day!

▫️ It is not just a historical date. It is a reminder of the price paid by the world for freedom and independence and a warning to the new generations that the fatal mistakes of the past must not be repeated.

▫️ The Great Patriotic War of 1941–1945 was a heavy and merciless burden on our people. Every family in Russia remembers and cherishes its heroes: the Red Army soldiers, partisans, home front workers — all those who bravely fought for our future. We shall never forget their self-sacrifice, bravery, and devotion to the Motherland.

▫️ The present generation continues the glorious traditions of the war. In the special military operation, servicemen, volunteers, and citizens called up within mobilisation are effectively carrying out their tasks, honourably fulfilling their sacred duty to protect the national interests of the Russian Federation and fighting the followers of Nazism.

▫️ Dear comrades!

▫️ I congratulate you, your families, relatives, and friends on the national holiday of 9 May!

▫️ I wish you good health, happiness, and great achievements in the name of our Motherland, Russia!

In commemoration of the 78th Anniversary of the Victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War of 1941–1945, I hereby ORDER:

💥 on 9 May 2023 at 10:00 p.m. local time, to perform artillery salutes with the involvement of military units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the hero-city Moscow, the hero-cities Volgograd, Kerch, Murmansk, Novorossiysk, St. Petersburg (hero-city Leningrad), Sevastopol, Smolensk, Tula, as well as in cities where headquarters of military districts, fleets, combined arms armies, and the Caspian Flotilla are deployed, with thirty blank volleys of artillery pieces and firing of fireworks from salvo installations in accordance with the ammunition and fireworks consumption regulations.

General of the Army S. Shoigu

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