Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu (May 24, 2022)

Shoigu said that the West urgently organized the supply of lethal weapons, fearing the defeat of Ukrainian troops

‘A large-scale campaign has been launched to misinform the world community about the true causes of the crisis.

Military advisers and employees of private military companies are sent to the country, and the number of foreign mercenaries has exceeded six thousand people.

To hold on to power, the Kiev regime uses terrorist methods against its own people.

The nationalists carry out demonstrative executions of those who refused to participate in hostilities, block the exit of civilians from the cities, using them as human shields, and disperse tanks and artillery in residential areas.

The release of criminals and the uncontrolled distribution of weapons led to massive cases of violence, robbery and looting.

Numerous facts of torture and brutal murders of Russian prisoners of war are known. And it’s not hidden.

However, the West refuses to acknowledge these facts’


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