Russian Defense Ministry: Proof of Ukraine’s ‘chemical terrorism’ to be sent to OPCW soon…

⚡️Against the backdrop of military defeats in Donbasы and elsewhere, the Zelenskyi regime sanctioned terrorist acts involving the use of chemical poisoning substances against Russian servicemen and civilians.

▫️On July 31, Russian servicemen carrying out tasks near Vasil’evka, Zaporizhzhya Region, were taken to a military hospital with signs of severe poisoning. As a result of examination, toxic substance, botulinum toxin type B, was found in servicemen’ organisms.

▫️In order to establish the cause of the poisoning, specialists from the Main Research and Testing Institute of Military Medicine of the Russian Ministry of Defense (St. Petersburg) conducted an additional analysis, which unequivocally confirmed the presence of an organic poison of artificial origin – botulinum toxin type B.

▫️At present, the Russian Federation is preparing supporting documents with the results of all the analyses carried out on the chemical terrorism sanctioned by the Zelenskyi regime.

▫️The evidence of the Kiev regime’s chemical terrorism will soon be officially sent to the OPCW through the Russian Permanent Mission.

▫️Given the evidence of State terrorism by the Kiev regime, an additional investigation is under way regarding the poisoning with chemical substances of the head of the provisional administration of Kherson Region, Vladimir Sal’do.


⚡️ Russian Defense Ministry: Proof of Ukraine’s ‘chemical terrorism’ to be sent to OPCW soon…


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