Russian MoD Reports for 3-2-2023 to 3-5-2023…

05.03.2023 (09:00) Russian Defence Minister holds conference with special military operation’s group commanders Sergei Shoigu drew special attention to comprehensive troop maintenance.
05.03.2023 (05:00) Airborne Troops’ artillery units continue their combat action within special military operation Nona self-propelled gun crews neutralised the strongpoints, and eliminated the Ukrainian militants.
04.03.2023 (17:15) Sergei Shoigu holds conference with deputy defence ministers at headquarters of Joint Group of Forces Special emphasis was placed on organising reserve units’ training, military-political activities, and other types of troop maintenance.
04.03.2023 (09:00) Russian Defence Minister inspects ‘Vostok’ Group of Forces in special military operation area Sergei Shoigu was informed by Commander of the Group of Forces Colonel General Rustam Muradov and staff officers on the current situation and troops’ action.
04.03.2023 (05:45) Airborne Troops’ assault units continue their training course in special military operation area All the personnel are about to be integrated into the Airborne Troops’ organic units for further operation.
04.03.2023 (05:00) Russian motorised rifle units continue their offensive towards AFU positions within special military operation Personnel constantly engage the enemy, conduct fire from infantry fighting vehicles, grenade launchers, small arms, as well as detect hostile positions.
03.03.2023 (17:00) Baltic Fleet Su-27 fighter crews conducted training exercises against mock enemy aircraft In addition, as part of the training, the pilots practised accelerated fighter preparation for take-off, performed taking-off in pairs and electronically launched guided missiles at aerial targets.
03.03.2023 (05:10) Ministry of Defence of Russian Federation publishes footage of MiG-31 fighters within special military operation Flight crews perform combat sorties, providing cover for troops and facilities against enemy air strikes and aerial reconnaissance.
03.03.2023 (05:05) Giatsint-B and Msta-B artillery crews destroy sheltered AFU positions within special military operation The airborne artillery crews conduct counter-battery warfare against the enemy and support the offensive of airborne assault and paratrooper units on a daily basis.
03.03.2023 (05:00) Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky submarine of Pacific Fleet launches Kalibr cruise missile at coastal target Kalibr missile successfully hit the designated target at Syurkum tactical training area located in Khabarovsk Krai The range of fire was over 1,000 km.
02.03.2023 (17:00) Passat small-size missile ship performs an artillery exercises in Baltic Sea The crew practised repelling enemy air attacks and conducting an artillery strike against a naval target in the Baltic Sea.
02.03.2023 (13:30) WMD NBC Protection troops practise smoke jamming in Kursk region The specialists concealed areas of the training ground and the equipment over an area of more than 1,000 metres.
02.03.2023 (09:30) Bal coastal defence missile system units destroy enemy targets with RPG-7 as part of firearms training The members successfully completed their tasks, receiving excellent marks for their performance and demonstrating a high level of preparedness.
02.03.2023 (07:00) EMD motorised riflemen perform shooting exercises with RPG-7V grenade launchers The emphasis of the practical exercises was on hitting targets from the first shot at maximum sighting range.
02.03.2023 (05:05) Mine clearance and rebuilding of railways with use of Volga armoured train in special military operation area Its armoured trucks contain armament, cutting-edge hardware, and shelters for firing. The range of armament allows the personnel to operate amid the most difficult conditions.
02.03.2023 (05:00) Malka self-propelled artillery system crews carry out tasks within special military operation Malka artillery system crews work both day- and nighttime to suppress the AFU positions. The command of the Central Military District notes the high efficiency of Malka artillery system due to its mobility and firepower.


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