Russian News from Russia: April 17th, 2009!

Russia News Source: April 17th, 2009!Windows to Russia!

Abkhazia may hold exercises as response to Georgia NATO drills:
The former Georgian republic of Abkhazia may hold its own military exercises in response to NATO’s planned drills in Georgia next month, Abkhazia’s leader said on Friday.

Russia, France near deal on extradition of mother in custody row:
Russia’s ambassador to France held two hours of talks with the father of a Russian-French girl abducted by her mother and a deal is close on the extradition of Irina Belenkaya, a Russian official said on Friday.

Experts say N. Korea needs 1 year to restart nuclear program:
North Korea will need at least a year to resume its nuclear program and start producing weapons-grade plutonium, Russian experts said on Friday.

Russian Orthodox Church observes Good Friday:
The Russian Orthodox Church is observing Good Friday on April 17, with church services dedicated to Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and burial.

U.S. scientist says tie up asteroids to protect Earth from strike:
If an asteroid is on a collision course with Earth, the best way to avoid a global catastrophe could be to attach a long tether with a weight at the end to deflect its orbit, a U.S. scientist has suggested.

Russia-Azerbaijan gas deal would boost energy security – Medvedev:
A potential gas deal between Russia and Azerbaijan will help diversify energy supplies and ensure energy security, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Friday.

Moscow irked by NATO exercises in Georgia:
NATO’s decision to hold exercises in Georgia next month threatens to complicate ties with Russia, the Russian president said on Friday.

Makeup of new Moldovan parliament unchanged after vote recount:
The makeup of the new Moldovan parliament was unchanged following a recount of votes from the April 5 poll, the secretary of Moldova’s Central Election Commission said on Friday.

Russian president calls riots in Moldova ‘monstrous’:
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has described the recent mass public disorder in Moldova as “monstrous,” adding that “color revolutions” result only in poverty.